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  • No kids are allowed in the salon. Your eyes will be closed for your service and there for won't be able to watch your children. The salon provides beauty services, we don't have a daycare to watch your child while you are being serviced. If you bring a child with you I will not be able to provide your service, This will be considered as you “Canceling/No Showing” your appointment, which will still result in the full charge of the service.

  • Arrive to your lash appointment with no makeup anywhere around the eye area (above or below your eye).Although we do Include a lash bath with ever lash service, we do not book extra time to remove full eye makeup (eyelide makeup, especially glittery eyeshadows & liners, etc.); anytime used to remove makeup will ultimately result in less time spent on applying your lash extension.

  • All appointments MUST be booked online here at under the "Services" page.

  • When booking your appointment with Wild Beauty Bar, you pay for the service when you book it, with a card that you will need to save on file in your "Profile" in your "Wallet". If you Purchasing a membership, the card used to purchase your membership will need to be saved on file. This is to ensure that there aren't any salon policy violations, No-Shows or Cancellations 48 hours or less before your booked appointment time, as well as ensure that you show up promptly and on time to your appointments and/or provide us with sufficient enough time to fill your now vacant spot.

  • There is a $45 Late Fee if you are 15 Minutes or more late to your lash appointment, that will be automatically charged to that card you have saved on file.

  • Appointment Rescheduling can be done up to 48 hours before the booked appointment time. After the 48 hour cut off time has passed you that appointment is not eligable to be "rescheduled". You will need to book a new appointment with a new deposit/prepayment.

  • You can Cancel an appointment up to 48 hours before the booked appointment time, after the 48 hour cut off time has passed you will not be able to cancel the appointment as it is considered "Confirmed".

  • To cancel/reschedule your appointment before 48 hours, you can ONLY do so through your appointment confirmation email/text that your received shortly after booking your appointment, or through your profile.

  • Calls/voicemails are NOT considered rescheduling/canceling. All scheduling is done online via the website.

  • This is WBB's No-Show/ Cancellation Policy. No Exceptions.

Remember ladies, time is money!

(The card you used to book your appointment will automatically be charged once you have been marked as a No- Show or a cancellation 48 hours or less before your appointment.)

  • 1 hour 30 min lash fills are done every 2 weeks after your last lash application. 

  • After 3.5 weeks your lashes will be considered a Full Set and will be priced as such.

(Please understand, if you book a 1 Hour 30 Min Fill but your history shows your last visit was 3.5 weeks or more ago, you will be contacted and sent an invoice for the remainder of the for a full set cost.)

It's important to properly book your appointment!

  • Consultations are not required to book online, but we do suggest you book one prior to booking your lash application appointment to ensure you book the correct appointment and avoid mix-ups or fees. You can book your consultation under the "Services" page.

Covid-19  Policies

  • Clients MUST come to their appointment wearing a face mask.

  • Face mask MUST be kept on at all times while in the salon.

  • Clients MUST be healthy (not sick or have any signs of sickness) to enter salon

  • NO children or extra guests are permitted with you in the salon

  • Clients will wait in their car until their scheduled appointment time, this is to keep the highest level of social distancing possible in the salon.

  • Clients temperature will be taken upon entry into the salon, you MUST be at a temperature of no more than 100 Degrees to enter.


Failure to follow these reopening policies & WBB will not be able to provide you a service, as well as ask you to leave the salon. This will be considered as you “Canceling/No Showing” your appointment, which will still result in the full charge of the service. I do book up quickly & time is money! Please be sure to follow the new policies & remember this is for my safety & the safety of all my clients, as well as their families and is to be taken seriously!!


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