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Lauren Knoll

Owner | Lash Artist | Hair Stylist | Body Sculptor

"I'm just a biracial butterfly, trying to beautify!"

Lauren Knoll is the founder of Wild Beauty Bar, she's been in the beauty industry since 2013. Always being around the hair & makeup brought her to realize that, helping people reach their beauty goals is her calling. As a licensed Cosmetologist she is certified in hair, eyelash extensions, body sculpting and so much more! After being trained with some of the best hairstylists in the world at Toni & Guy & having 7 years of experience in the lash world, she can get you to any look you desire. Striving for  beauty greatness is what keeps her alive.


Sereena Ortiz-Castro

Waxing Specialist | Spray Tanning Technician

"Helping clients embody their inner siren energy to feel like the most beautiful and sexiest versions of themselves!"

Sereena is 26 years young, a Libra Sun, Leo Rising, Scorpio Moon! Licensed Cosmetologist for 6 years, worked at Sephora as a Certified Makeup Artist for 4 years, and now a Brazillian Sugarista for almost 4 years now! She started in the beauty industry when she was 18, and it's what helped her find confidence in herself. "I wouldn't be where I am today if it weren't for the industry I worked in. The universe has gifted me with the ability to find confidence within myself through this industry, so now it's my job to give back and emanate that same beautiful energy to my clients through my work and services I provide." She's a social butterfly, have 500k followers on tiktok, loves visiting crystal shops by the beach, going to cycling classes, and finding trendy spots to eat with friends! 


Megan Speirs

Body Sculptor | MUA | Skincare Specialist

"Everyone is beautiful & sometimes you just need a little help remembering that, and that's what I'm here for!"

Megan aka Meg, is a licensed esthetician who is incredibly well versed in many areas of the beauty industry. Shes trained in Body Sculpting by Wild Beauty Bar, is enthusiastic about skincare & waxing, as well as traveled to England to study at the London School of Makeup, where she became a certified makeup artist!


Mily Cunningham

Body Sculptor | MUA | Skincare Specialist

"Live like little you is watching!"

My name is Mily and I am a certified Body Sculptor at Wild Beauty Bar! I have 10+ years of experience in fitness and dance and have worked hard to train myself and others in keeping themselves healthy and strong! I am passionate about finding all around health, from the food you eat to the things you say to yourself in the mirror. Helping people achieve their goals is what I strive to do! I love to laugh and can’t stop myself from telling you a dad joke. 

About Us

Wild Beauty Bar is a cozy, Cali, shabby-sheik salon located in the Southern Orange County. The amazing licensed stylists that love call WBB home, specialize in many services including eyelash extensions, skincare, waxing, makeup, body sculpting/contouring & more. This super cute salon offers everything needed to help & keep you looking your best, whether it's glam/gorgeous or spunky/rocker! The ladies here have got you covered!

Join The Team

Want to join the team & become part of the WBB family!? Go ahead & click the button below or send us an email through our Contact Page with your resume letting us know you'd like to Join the Wild Beauty Bar Team! We'll be sure to contact you back within 48 hours to set up a meeting!

We're always accepting applications for the following positions:

  • Lash Artist

  • Spray Tan Specialist

  • Brow Artist

  • Hairstylist

  • Body Sculpting Specialist

Part Time & Full Time booth rentals are available. (Day rate options may be available in select situations). Great for someone who already has clients, but still looking to grow!

Must Be A California Licensed Cosmetologist or Esthetician!

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