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Body Sculpting

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What is Body Sculpting?

A non-invasive treatment comparable to Liposuction consisting of Lymphatic Drainage, Wood Therapy, Ultrasonic Cavitation, High Frequency & Radio Frequency to eliminate & drain the body of your stored up stubborn fat, as well as building collagen to tighten and brighten the skins natural elasticity.

Is This a Safe Procedure?

Yes, it's a completely safe, non-invasive treatment with virtually no side effects. No need for any anesthesia, or post treatment. The best part, No scars or need for surgery!

What Are The Benefits?

  • Decreased circumference of targeted area

  • Blood & Lymphatic Circulation

  • Improved skin tone & texture

  • connective tissue tightening

  • Detoxification & Cleansing

  • Better body tone & shape

  • Great cellulite therapy

  • Permanent results 

  • No Anesthisea

  • No Downtime

  • No Surgery

  • No Pain

How Do The Fat Cells Leave the Body?

Ultrasonic Cavitation Emulsifies the fat cells causing them to liquefy, which is then easily removed from the body through the lymphatic & urinary systems. - This is why drinking water is essential!

If you do not drink enough water before and after your treatment it will be harder for your body to remove/excrete the fat. It is normal to experience an increase in urination after each session.

Does This Cause Weight Loss?

The treatment will help you to lose inches in circumference of the affected area. It does not necessarily result in overall weight loss, but in improved overall body shape & contour. Since you are reducing fat deposits you may experience minor weight loss but it is not a weight loss treatment. 

Diet suggestion will be made to follow throughout your treatment program, helping to enhance the elimination of fat deposits & weight loss. Excessively eating unhealthy will cause you to regain the inches/weight lost that was achieved through the treatment.

Is Everyone a Candidate for Body Sculpting?

Unfortunately not everyone is a perfect candidate for this treatment. People with acute or contagious disease, HIV, history of cancer, kidney failure, liver failure, fatty liver, active contagious skin conditions, implant devices like pacemakers or electrical prosthesis, epilepsy should not undergo this treatment. Those who are pregnant or breast-feeding are also unable to receive this service. 

Are There Any Side Effects?

Some people may experince some light bruising on the affected area. Some redness and mild swelling may be noticed for a short period of time post- treatment.

How Many Sessions are Needed?

Most clients see the best long term results between 6- 12 treatments. This is all dependent upon each persons body mass, circumference size, age, hormonal balance, medications and your desired goals. Incorporating the eating suggestions included in your treatment will reduce the number of treatments that may be needed.

What Areas Can This Service be Done On?

  • Under Arms

  • Stomach/ Abs

  • Legs/ Butt

  • Love Handles

Average Time Per Treatment?

1 Treatment takes about 45 minutes to 1 hour​

How Often Can This be Done?

Treatments can be done once a week for best results.

What Should/Shouldn't I Do Before My Treatment?

  • Clients are NOT to drink any alcohol 2-3 days before & after each treatment. 

  • You MUST drink at least 1 liter of water the morning of your treatment & again after each treatment

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